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Let's be honest for a sec

There’s a little bit too much “marketing” in most marketing these days—and not nearly enough humanity. Maybe that’s why so many of us skip the commercials, opt out of the emails, and throw our mail in the trash.
What clients want to say, what clients want to hear
At eci, we believe in putting the humanity back into marketing. That means putting ourselves in the shoes of real people. It means building bridges between what our clients want to say and what customers want to hear. It means telling stories that touch us. Because when you transform “targets” into human beings, it’s more genuine. It’s more effective. It’s marketing that’s human™.

Moving the needle with a big social media campaign

Sometimes when we test against established marketing campaigns, we like to blow things up. In a departure from Adobe Acrobat’s regular demand gen communications, we created a robust social media campaign that featured hilarious videos, interactive PDFs, audience participation, and ongoing Facebook and Twitter integration—all wrapped in a fun “search” for the world’s smartest project manager.

Getting dirty with an email campaign about trucks

Driving prospects to retail can be easy—if you do your homework. For Toyota, we dug deep into the mindset of the "off-road-truck guy." We took some road trips. Went camping. Drove into a lake (not kidding). And came up with a simple-but-effective email campaign that said everything it needed to say, and brought it all home with dynamic personalization.

Some exciting in-trial marketing, Hollywood style

When prospects are test-driving your products or services, you can walk a fine line between alienating people and persuading them to buy. For the Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max test drives, we hit the audience where they lived: special effects and gaming. By showcasing the work that their peers were doing with Autodesk products, we proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why they should buy right away.

Stretching a small media investment into a big payoff

Even when the budgets are small, we like to think big. To promote Adobe’s FormsCentral web forms, we became the official survey of the Carmel Art & Film Festival. We placed staffers at strategic locations to survey attendees, challenged them to a film trivia quiz, and even got Adobe in the news and on prime billboards—for a media footprint well in excess of our small initial investment.

Bringing the passion back to event marketing

Attendees of AU, Autodesk’s annual user conference, are nothing if not passionate. So unlike in previous campaigns, where the focus was on lists of classes, we brought all of the amazing AU content front and center. We showcased awesome speakers from previous years. And we told inspirational stories about the passionate people who attend year in and year out. All of which led to record attendance.

An ongoing content-marketing campaign that scales

Content marketing can be extremely powerful. It can also be pretty expensive. We capitalized on that first part and took care of the second with a demand gen campaign that used YouTube videos to dramatize the benefits of Adobe Acrobat. The simple videos (available free for marketing use under the Creative Commons license) proved to be a fun, engaging way to sell Acrobat that hadn’t been tried before.

A mail campaign for the entire customer life cycle

Over the 19+ years we’ve been working with Union Bank, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to treat their best customers. It starts at acquisition, with creative that puts their needs first. It continues through onboarding, where we educate and inspire. And it reaches its peak with cross-selling and retention to deepen the relationship. There’s a lot more to it, of course, but it all plays on the same theme: doing right by our customers.

Exploring formats that appeal to brides

Brides these days obsess over every detail. The groom? Not so much. Which is why we reached out to the bride to talk about wedding tuxes. Through a wide range of innovative and involving direct mail formats, we showed brides how great their guy could look—and how easy it can be to work with Men’s Wearhouse. All of which gave them one less thing to worry about.

Expressing our brand in a unique new way

Explaining "marketing that's human" with words isn't too difficult. We can use words like "genuine." Or "real people." But showing that visually is a bit tougher. We did it by commissioning custom art, featuring portrait collages of people—made up of the very marketing they see every day. You can see them hanging in our office today, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they were made in this quick video.

Throughout our 20+ year existence, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of fantastic companies, representing all kinds of industries. Here are a few that you’ll probably recognize, from the worlds of automotive, financial services, health, and technology.

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We make money for our clients

Why do companies hire a direct response agency like eci? To generate leads, drive trials, and cross-sell customers—among other things. But when you get right down to it, it's all about making money. And that’s something we do really well for our clients. (Honestly, you can ask them.) We make money for companies in all kinds of industries—financial, technology, and many others—using a variety of tried-and-true direct mail and online programs that are smart, efficient, and data driven.

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